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The Greater Nebraska Writers Conference

October 20-21

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The Nebraska Writers Guild is publishing an anthology.

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A Non-Profit 501(c)3 Corporation, the Nebraska Writers Guild, Inc., is a professional association for writers of all disciplines, literary agents, educators, publishers, librarians, and youth who are interested in promoting the craft of writing in Nebraska. The organization offers aspiring writers, award-winning authors, and everyone in between a network for improving their craft.

Founded in 1925, NWG is one of the oldest continuous writers' organizations in the country. It counts among its charter members Bess Streeter Aldrich, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, John G. Neihardt, Louise Pound, Mari Sandoz, and A.E. Sheldon (chair of the Nebraska State Historical Society). Residing in New York, Willa Cather was one of the first members to sign up. In its first year, two members of the guild were included in the Saturday Review of Literature's list of the ten writers most representative of American life. Yes, these are hallowed halls and we have incredible respect for our past ... and enthusiasm for our future.