NWG Members

User ID Full Namesort descending City of Residence Genre(s) Picture
Aaron Rothenberger Aaron Rothenberger
Adrienne Lundeen Adrienne Lundeen Topeka, KS Fantasy/Sci-fi, YA, Paranormal.
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Alan Wilkinson Alan Wilkinson
Alex Kava Alex Kava Omaha, Nebraska
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Amy Strauch Amy Strauch
Anashta Celovich Anashta Celovich McCook poetry, fiction, non-fiction
Anashta Celovich's picture
Andy Pollock Andy S. Pollock Pleasant Dale Fiction, Poetry
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anneleonard Anne Leonard Sugar Land, Texas memoir, literary fiction, creative nonfiction
Avis Pruitt Avis Pruitt Bellevue
Barbara Franzen Barbara Franzen Gothenburg Adult fiction, short stories, vignettes, poetry
Barbara Franzen's picture
Barbara Freeman Barbara Freeman Omaha Children's Fiction
Barbara Freeman's picture
Barbara Salvatore Barbara Salvatore Verdigre LiteraryFiction,Women's Fiction,Historical Fiction,YA,Poetry,Plays,Memoir
Barbara Salvatore's picture
beckybreed Becky S. Breed Lincoln, NE Non-fiction, personal essay and poetry
Ben Wassinger Ben Wassinger Grand Island Suspense, humor.
Ben Wassinger's picture
Benjamin Lawrence Benjamin Lawrence Lincoln, NE Literary Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Poetry
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BerkBrown Berk Brown Omaha
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Betty Laird Betty Laird
Betty Streff Betty Streff
longnecker Bill Longnecker McCook fiction
longnecker's picture
mga2004@cox.net Bobbi Jo Lang Omaha Children
mga2004@cox.net's picture
Bonnie Lacy Bonnie Lacy Osceola, NE Fantasy, Magical Realism, Supernatural
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Brad Anderson Brad Anderson
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Brad Kellogg Brad Kellogg
Brandy Prettyman Brandy Prettyman Papillion Adult Contemporary, Science Fiction, Poetry
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BrettBrockman Brett Brockman Hastings Fiction, Time Travel,
BrettBrockman's picture
bpcrouse Brian Crouse Hastings Literary, Speculative, and Poetry
bpcrouse's picture
Brigid Amos Brigid Amos
Brooke Brouillette Brooke Brouillette Thriller/Suspense
Brooke Brouillette's picture
Bruce Schindler Bruce Schindler rural Holdrege, Ne Science Fiction
Bruce Schindler's picture
C L Cunningham C L Cunningham Plattsmouth Romance, Poetry, Urban, Metafiction, Fiction
C L Cunningham's picture
Carl McKever Carl McKever Omaha, NE
Carla Cloutier Carla Cloutier Grand Island Short stories, poetry
Carla Cloutier's picture
Carmala Aderman Carmala Aderman Omaha
Carol Weber Carol Weber Cedar Bluffs Editor
Carol Weber's picture
CarolynRScheidies Carolyn R Scheidies Kearney devotionals, memoir, contemporary and historical romance, history
CarolynRScheidies's picture
Carrie Gray Carrie Gray Grand Island Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Adult Fiction
Carrielynn Peace Carrielynn Peace
Chaka Heinze Chaka Heinze Omaha Fiction: Young Adult, Speculative, Fantasy
Chaka Heinze's picture
Charlene Neely Charlene Neely Lincoln, Nebraska
Charlene Neely's picture
Charlene Pierce Charlene Pierce
Charles Lieske Charles Lieske
Charlie Vogel Charlie Vogel Omaha Murder Mysteries and Adventure
CKVolnek Charlotte Volnek Seward MG, YA, Women's Lit
CKVolnek's picture
Cap writer Cheryl Paden Fremont non fiction
Chris LeGrow Chris LeGrow
Christine Mager... Christine Mager Wevik Beresford, SD self-help, mystery fiction
Christine Mager Wevik's picture
Chuck Redman Chuck Redman Thousand Oaks CA Literary fiction or satire
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clarke.author Clark O'Reiley Kenesaw Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
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Colleen Gallion Colleen Gallion