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Carol Weber
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Cedar Bluffs

When I began my freelance editor adventure I was realizing a long-time dream.  Who knew anyone would actually WANT me to correct their grammar? Of course, editing is far more than grammar and punctuation: it's POV, consistent details (we don't want that heroine loving coffee in this chapter and disliking it in the next), accurate facts (blooming peonies in September in Nebraska? Not going to happen), and sentences that make sense and communicate what was intended, all with good pacing and logical progression. It's a challenge I love tackling! 

I am a child of God, wife to a Lutheran pastor, mom to three grown kids, sister to three wonderful women, friend to some fabulous people, organist to my congregation, and slave to my sewing machine and knitting needles.  Life is full of joy...and way too many things to do to ever be caught up!  

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