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Selection Criteria

Submission Selection Criteria – 2019 Poetry Chapbook

The selection committee 2019 NWG Poetry Chapbook is composed of four Nebraska Writers Guild members trained in the criteria below. Selection is blind (that is, the poets’ names are hidden from the evaluators). Evaluations are scored. The aggregated scores from the readers are totaled together and the forty highest scoring poems will be included in the chapbook. Evaluation for selection considers the two following areas. Each sub-area will be scored from one to five with five being the highest. Individual critiques/scores are not available for submitters and committee members are not allowed to provide specific feedback on works not selected. Individual evaluators’ scoring is confidential and will also not be available to the other evaluators. All scoring is final. Ties, if occurring, will be broken by the project manager.

Technical Values

Style & Presentation

Formal, modern, or freeform styles are employed appropriately and consistently. Defined structures are adhered to or intentional deviations are clear and effective. Meter & rhyme, if employed, are consistent and enhance the presentation of the poem. The approach to punctuation, spelling, and grammar is consistent and effective, whether following or breaking conventions.


Word choice and order are precise, colorful, and evocative, and create audible appeal.


Line length, enjambment and caesura, along with word choice and order, enhance the clarity, meaning, and movement of the poem.

Artistic Values


The poem as a whole captures or effectively implies a compelling message or story.


Figurative language creates rich or broad sensory appeal.


The poem evokes an emotional response from the reader.



The idea, perspective, or presentation is unique and fresh.


Remember the submissions deadline is April 21, 2019.