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Clarke O'Reiley

Clarke O'Reiley

Full Name: 
Clark O'Reiley

City of Residence: 

My name is Clarke O'Reiley, and I have recently published my first novel.  I have been a write all my life.  In grade school, I even had a children's series about growing up on a farm called The Adventures of Shamrock and Gypsy.  I hope to reboot that series someday as a fun way for kids to learn responsibility, life lessons, and the joys of life on a farm.  My life has taken me on many different adventures, including time as an Army medic, a veterinary technician, and a budding career as a phlebotomist.  I am also very involved in the horse world, formerly as a competitor, but now as a show judge, first aid instructor, and a clinician for young riders.  I have so many ideas for new books, I just have to get them on paper! 

Published Works: 
Take Care of My Memories p.2017